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Stanford ME310 - Posters

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Available Options

* Quantity:

* Short Edge - inches:
Enter the shortest dimension here. Posters will be rotated to print in the proper orientation.

* Long Edge - inches:
Enter the longest dimension here. Posters will be rotated to print in the proper orientation.

* Poster Material:
For most projects, the 8 mil. Kelly Satin or Glossy Photo papers and 31 lb. or 45 lb. Kelly Presentation Matte papers render excellent, professional looking poster prints. The most economical 31. lb. Kelly Singleweight Presentation Matte renders excellent results but may not be suitable for posters with heavy ink coverage, in which case the Doubleweight Presentation Matte is a better choice. For maximum durability, we offer an 8 mil. Glossy Polypropylene material (which prints a vibrant image) and an 8 mil.stay-flat Polypropylene banner material with a matte finished (which prints a muted image). For the absolute best possible quality, choose the Epson Enhanced Presentation Matte or one of the Epson Premium Photo papers.

* Poster Mounting:
Cost of mounting is based on the square foot measurement of the piece. Unit price shown is rate per square foot.

* Turnaround Time:
Same day turnaround is available for some products, such as business cards. If available, artwork must be received by 10:00 a.m. for orders to be ready for pick-up at 4:00 p.m. Always call to confirm schedule availability. Standard turnaround time is 2-3 days.

Upload File:
We prefer high resolution PDF files but accept other file formats as well. Please see our File Preparation Guidelines page for more information. If you encounter difficulties with the file upload process, please use the File Upload link in the top menu and reference this order number after completing your checkout. If submitting Word or Pages files you may want to see at least a soft copy proof, if page breaks and font matching is critical. NOTE: You may upload multiple files.


Poster ordering tool designed for students enrolled in Stanford's ME310 class. Enter "ME310" at checkout and receive 10% discount.

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